The Critical Theory Workshop is an international school for trans-disciplinary, cross-cultural and committed research. As a non-profit educational counter-institution, it seeks to bring affordable education with real use-value to a broad public by offering seminars and symposiums in Philadelphia, online courses, a summer workshop in Paris, as well as a video archive of select events as a free educational resource. See below for some of our upcoming events! You can sign up for updates by clicking on the “Follow via e-mail” button that is on the right-hand side of our homepage, or you can follow us on social media here:

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“Why Marx Matters”
A Critical Theory Workshop / Incite Seminars Collaboration
11/22-11/24/19: Online Seminar
11/23/19: In-Person Seminar in Philadelphia

This seminar will elucidate the fundamental tenets of Marx’s philosophy, as well as their importance for understanding and transforming the contemporary world order. It will begin by explaining key concepts like historical materialism, class struggle, alienation, the labor theory of value, ideology and revolution. It will then briefly discuss a few of the important debates in the deep and broad history of Marxism in order to explore some of the ways that Marx’s work has been interpreted and transformed by subsequent generations. Finally, the course will focus in on what Marxist analysis has to contribute to contemporary debates and struggles by demonstrating how it can help us understand phenomena such as the environmental catastrophe, the increasing social inequality of globalization, the carceral state and its relationship to electoral democracy, the military-industrial-academic complex, institutional racism and gender inequality. Although the course will be directed at a lay audience, it will pedagogically build up its analysis in such a way that it will also serve the interests of those with a working knowledge of Marx and Marxism.

Click here for more details on the in-person seminar in Philadelphia on 11/23, and click here for information regarding the online course running from 11/22 to 11/24.

“Transnational Histories of Repression and Resistance”
Symposium in Philadelphia and Online

In collaboration with the “Counter-History and Theory” working group at the University of Pennsylvania, the Critical Theory Workshop will host a symposium with Raúl Zibechi and William I. Robinson, moderated by Jennifer Ponce de León. Stay tune for more details!

Summer Program
Paris, France
6/29 – 7/16/20

The summer workshop in Paris, France will be celebrating its 12-year anniversary in 2020. Click here for information about the program and details regarding how to apply.