The Critical Theory Workshop is an international school for trans-disciplinary, cross-cultural and committed research. Through the cultivation of collective and autonomous forms of knowledge production, it seeks to contribute to emancipatory and egalitarian social struggles around the world. If offers seminars and symposia in Philadelphia, online courses, and a summer workshop in Paris, France.

In addition to a list of upcoming events and an archive of past activities, you will find here a video gallery of recorded events, information about our book seriesresponses to frequently asked questions, testimonials from past participants in the summer workshop, and much more.

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Founding Director Gabriel Rockhill, “Radicalizing Critical Theory,” June 11, 2018 (in English):


Founder and Executive Director
Gabriel Rockhill

Associate Director
Jennifer Ponce de León

Program Coordinator
Rosa Dolet: <criticaltheoryworkshop@protonmail.com>

Program Assistant and Online Professor
Emre Çetin Gürer

Videographer and Media Manager
Hank Hurst

Photographer and Videographer
Hannah Hurst

International Advisory Board
María del Rosario Acosta13775771_642926412532210_4002178529612465513_n
Amy Allen
Seloua Luste Boulbina
Esteban Buch
Pierre-Antoine Chardel

Geneviève Fraisse 
Emre Çetin Gürer
Bruno Karsenti

Jan Spurk
Patrick Vauday

Primary Partner Institution in Paris
Centre Edgar Morin / Institut interdisciplinaire d’anthropologie du contemporain (CNRS / EHESS)

Partner Institutions
University of the Commons
LASCO IdeaLab de l’IMT
Balkan Society for Theory and Practice

Partner Journal
ASAP/Journal: the official journal of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present