Note regarding COVID-19: we are still planning on holding the workshop this summer, assuming that the circumstances are favorable. We have, however, extended the application deadline to March 31 to provide additional time to people who might need it.

: June 29- July 17

Location: École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, 105 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris, France

Partner Institution
: Centre Edgar Morin / Institut interdisciplinaire d’anthropologie du contemporain (CNRS/EHESS)

Invited Speakers: Timothy Bewes, Larry Busk, Christine Delphy, Jennifer Ponce de León, Gabriel Rockhill, Julian Sempill, Massimiliano TombaAntonio Vázquez-Arroyo, and others.

Founder and Executive Director: Gabriel Rockhill

Associate Director: Jennifer Ponce de León

Program Coordinator and Professor: Emre Çetin Gürer

Program Administrator and Primary Contact: Rosa Dolet <criticaltheoryworkshop@protonmail.com>

Languages: English and French (with summary English translations so knowledge of French is not a requirement)

Eligibility: Open to anyone with the requisite background, including advanced undergraduates, graduate students, autodidacts, faculty, writers and artists

Program Fees:
$975 (tenure-track/tenured faculty or salaried worker)
$775 (anyone who is not tenure-track/tenured faculty or salaried worker)
$575 (reduced tuition in cases of clear economic need)
There is a sliding scale down to $0 to account for global economic inequality and support political exiles.
Nota bene: proceeds from the workshop will contribute to supporting the work of radical scholars around the world who are suffering from direct repression and/or political exile.

Topics Covered: There is not a yearly theme because the goal is to develop a trans-disciplinary analysis of the contemporary world from a historical and internationalist perspective. However, topics covered in 2020 will include, but not be limited to: materialist feminism, radical ecology, postcolonial literature and theory, radical art and social movements from the Global South, international critical theory, revolutionary theory and the history of revolutions, the historical legacies of “68 thought,” and materialist critiques of both radical democracy and the decolonial turn.

The Critical Theory Workshop / Atelier de Théorie Critique summer school is an intensive research program whose primary objective is to provide an international forum for trans-disciplinary and comparative work in critical social theory, in the most expansive sense of the term. Participants are exposed to the work of contemporary thinkers and engage with current debates in the Francophone world and beyond. Special attention is paid to traditions of thought that have been excluded from the academy, including Marxism, anarchism, the black radical tradition, anticolonial theory, anti-capitalist feminism, materialist queer theory and radical ecological thought.

The Workshop, which takes place at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in central Paris, does not follow the traditional structure of a course. It is comprised of three interlocking components:

  • Débats: invited speakers participate in a debate with the director on a common theme or current research.
  • Rencontres: intellectuals are invited to participate in public interviews on their work.
  • Groupes de travail: the participants present and workshop their own research, which leads up to a final conference.

The overall objective is to bring together a diverse panoply of thinkers in order to cultivate productive debates on topical and pressing issues.

The program will be announced shortly. See our archive of past programs on this website to have a sense of the general structure and rhythm of the program. For instance, the 2019 program is available here, and the 2018 schedule here.

Click here to download the 2020 flyer.

Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Paris workshop.

There is a rolling admissions policy and early applications are encouraged. The final deadline has been extended to March 31, 2020 due to COVID-19. Click here to apply.