Welcome to the website for the Critical Theory Workshop/Atelier de Théorie Critique, which is a dual-language intensive research program that takes place every summer at the Sorbonne and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France. Providing an international platform for trans-disciplinary, cross-cultural and committed work in critical social theory (in the broadest sense of the term), the CTW/ATC was founded by Gabriel Rockhill. The primary language of instruction is English, although there are some events that take place in French with English summary translations (so knowledge of French is helpful but not a requirement).

You will find here a description of the Workshop in general, responses to frequently asked questions, an archive of past programs, a video gallery of recorded events, an application for prospective participants, and much more.

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“Trojan Horse in the Academy,” an excerpt from the Introduction to the CTW/ATC 2016 by Founding Director Gabriel Rockhill:

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